Tuition Information/School Policy

This page is simply an explanation of some of our enrollement, tuition, illness, and dietary/allergy policies. 

Tuition Information 2018-2019

   TERM        RATE  


Pre-K and

3yr Old Full Time


  Monthly ACH                       $795.00  
  Weekly ACH       $200.00  

3yr Old Part Time 


  Monthly ACH          $580.00  
  Weekly ACH       $145.00   

Our tuition is "ALL INCLUSIVE" there are no hidden fees or extra charges aside from field trips, and Ballet Recital as described below. Tuition is flat rate, and is billed weekly or monthly regardless of attendence
The only additional charges aside from our tuition payments are our monthly field trip fees which range between $25.00-$30.00, and our end of the year Ballet Recital fees for costumes.
We are an ACH only facility, thus eliminating the need to write a monthly or weekly check.

Enrolling/Visiting the Facility

Once you are ready to enroll your child with us, please set up an appointment so we can best assist you. We will be glad to take the time to inform you about everything you need to know, including the relevant paperwork. You can make an appointment over the phone at 281 358-0459 or by filling out our contact form. We always appreciate your visit!

Illness Policy


*At the Academy we ask that a phone call is placed before classes begin at 8:30a.m. letting staff know that your child will not be attending class.      

*In order to protect the health of other children please keep your child at home if you notice the beginning of an illness or contagious disease or if your child is feeling too ill to participate in a group care setting. 
*Please let us know if your child has a communicable illness or infection
so that we can notify all parents of the children attending our program.

*Children with communicable conditions may not return until a physician approves.

*If your child becomes ill during the day, or his or her temperature rises over 100 degrees, we will contact you to pick him/her up. 
*If your child is running a fever above 100 degrees they need to be kept
at home.                                                                                              

*In case of emergency injury, parents will be notified immediately.   In the event of minor accident parents have the right to request a copy of the incident report.                                                                                                         

*The report will document circumstances surrounding the accident. 
Parents are required to sign this form regardless of circumstances. In the event of a MAJOR INJURY, injuries will be treated with first aid techniques, if warranted.  911 will be contacted if immediate medical attention is required and family members will be immediately notified.

Dietary Concerns

We understand many children have dietary restrictions due to allergies, religious beliefs and/or personal preferences.  Should you wish to limit or forbid certain food items for any reason, please notify us beforehand and we will ensure that no offensive food item is served to your child.